The new mum is desperate to lead a quiet life, but her fiancé has other ideas

Charlotte Church has been left bewildered and upset by her fiancé Gavin Henson, who’s living it up like a single man.

Chaz, 21, wants to settle down to motherhood with 1-month-old daughter Ruby, but Gavin wants to go out on the town.

The Welsh rugby union star, 25, has even told his stunned friends: ‘I feel like I’ve missed out on partying all these years because I’ve been playing rugby. Now I want to make up for lost time.’

Gavin also wants to become an A-list celebrity in his own right. His list of showbiz desires includes appearing on a reality show, becoming a TV commentator and having a big glitzy wedding.

But it’s his love of partying that’s most disturbing for Charlotte.

While she was pregnant in July, shop assistant Tracy Donnelly, 24, claimed that she enjoyed a kiss and a cuddle in a nightclub with Gavin, which he denies.

Gavin’s pal says: ‘He’s a liability when he goes out. Gavin can’t handle his drink and not only does he get women coming up to him, but he attracts the attention of blokes because he’s loud and brash after a few beers.

‘He’s been out several times since Ruby was born and was ejected from one bar in Bridgend for arguing. On another occasion, Charlotte had to call his mobile several times to get him to come home.’

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