So why is Simon keen to offer gobby Charl a job?

Never one to shy away from a good ding-dong, Charlotte Church has dusted off her boxing gloves and laid into X Factor svengali Simon Cowell.

The 24-year-old chanteuse reckons she’d make a better judge on the show.

I know more about the technical side of singing than even Simon Cowell,’ she boasts.

‘But he wouldn’t be able to control me so he’d never have me on.’

Simon’s always had a soft spot for the gobby singer and is actually amused’ by her comments.

Rather than retaliating, he’s thinking of offering her a job.

Simon’s impressed by anyone who’s got the guts to stand up and say what they think,’ reveals a source.

He’s always liked Charlotte’s feisty nature and has tried to find a slot for her on one of his shows in the past, including The X Factor before Cheryl took the position.

As much as Simon likes on-screen attitude, though, he hates being answered back to when the cameras stop rolling.

‘So now he won’t be on the panel full-time this year, it could really work for her.’

Watch this space…

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