We're so emosh about the split!

Power couple Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have officially ended their perfect relationship, and we are gutted!

Following Charlotte’s Snapchat meltdown on a night out that sparked the rumours that her and Bear had split, he later confirmed our suspicions on Twitter that him and Ex-Geordie Shore star have officially ended.

Charlotte is said to have found out about their split on Twitter, when Bear tweeted the news.

Bear posted a recent Snapchat story that told viewers there is a lot we don’t know. But we want to find out!!

He told his viewers that he understands he will hear bad stuff about him now, but he’s been a good boyfriend to her.

He continued, “All I can do is put on my sunglasses and go again..” Poor Bear!


Rumours suggest that Jeremy McConnell is linked to their break up, after him and Charlotte both had a boozy night out in Dublin the night before Bear dumped her. They enjoyed a night out in the same club, and Bear apparently wasn’t happy about it. Awks! She told The Irish Sun: “I don’t have an opinion on Irish men because I have a boyfriend who I am very much in love with.”

A source told The Sun: “Charlotte literally had no idea Stephen thought their relationship was in a bad way.

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“They kissed and said goodbye when he flew to Las Vegas and he had been a great support to her over these past few days with everything to do with Gaz.

“She’s given interviews in Ireland where she’s talked about Stephen and how much she loved him.

“She logged onto Twitter and saw his message, she’s in pieces and can’t believe her fairytale ending has been shattered.” Adorable!

Charlotte spoke about Bear in her recent book, Brand New Me, and about their perfect relationship.

We can only hope that they’ll get back together, eh?

Words by Natalie Bradshaw