Char's revealed something big on Snapchat

Everyone’s favourite Geordie girl Charlotte Crosby took to Snapchat yesterday to reveal some very exciting news.

The northern lass revealed she has achieved the top spot on The Sunday Times’ best seller list for the second time.Go girl!

The feisty star shot to number one with her first book, autobiography Me Me Me back in 2015, and she’s only gone and done it again.


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Char posted a teary eyed Snapchat story to tell her fans the great news that her follow up autobiography Brand New Me has gone down pretty well, too.

Announcing the news, she said: ‘I’m getting a little bit emotional, I am number one Sunday times best seller again for the second time!’

Serial Snapchatter Char was clearly grateful as she held back the tears of joy and thanked her loyal fan base for the book’s success.

She said: ‘I would like to thank everyone who’s bought a copy of the book because youse are just so amazing’

And in true Charlotte Crosby style, threw in a classic face-palm comment in response to the news she’d come ahead of Penny Junor’s Camilla Parker Bowles’ biography The Duchess in the book charts.

‘Apparently I’ve beaten Camilla, she’s some kind of royal woman!’

Oh, Charlotte.

Despite the book’s top notch sales, its journey to the bookshop shelves didn’t run completely smoothly.

The ex Geordie Shore star revealed the book’s cover on Instagram back in March, but was called out by fans for an awkward spelling blunder!

SO SO SO SO SO SO BUZZING MAN! I'm delighted to announce my second autobiography is here! 😍📚 "A Brand New Me" 🙌🏼☺️ I loved every minute of working on my second book my life since the first has been spun round and flipped on it's head. After the rollercoaster ride that was last year! Suffering a devastating ectopic pregnancy and leaving geordie shore and meeting my soulmate 😍👀….my new adventure started! I was reborn A BRAND NEW ME.💃🏼😍 this book is an emotional rollercoaster make sure to have the tissues at the ready, be in store for some abs by the end of it because as always it's outrageous and more personal then ever find out EXACTLY what was going on behind the scenes! ❤ soooooooo excited to start my book tour and come see you all ! 😁😁 it's available NOW on pre order on Amazon! 😁😁😁😁😁

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One tweeted: ‘stonger’? Hope the covers haven’t already been printed!’

Never fear, ever-positive Charlotte laughed off the typo and joined in with the ‘Stonger’ jokes.

Words: Caitlin Elliott