Charlotte Crosby rubbishes rumours that she's quitting Geordie Shore to focus on keeping fit

Charlotte Crosby confirmed this week that she’s split from boyfriend Mitch Jenkins but thankfully she’s also confirmed she is NOT quitting Geordie Shore.

Rumours of the 25-year-old reality star leaving Geordie Shore began as she hinted that she’d grown tired of the partying lifestyle the show brings.

‘I’m bored of going out at the minute,’ Charlotte said.

‘I’m getting back to my training after finishing filming Geordie Shore where I’ve been going out every night and I’m a little bit sick of it if I’m honest.’

It seemed that Charlotte – who released a bestselling fitness DVD, 3 Minute Belly Blitz, last year after dramatically slimming down – is very keen to keep in shape and would like some time to focus on that.

‘I’m focusing on staying fit, being healthy and I’m trying to focus on using the gym a bit more,’ the Newcastle lass told Mail Online.

‘We’re trying to up our game and find new things to do in the gym.

‘Fitness is a huge part of my life now so I have to take time off to do that. It’s not something I necessarily look forward to but it is something I want to focus on.’

The statement came as quite a shock to many Geordie Shore fans as Charlotte suggested earlier this year that she’d NEVER quit the show.

‘I sometimes feel like I’m not fun any more but everyone’s loving this series,’ she told The Sun in May.

‘I’ll never leave, it’s my job.’

So, we’re glad she’s sticking to her guns on this one.

If Charlotte DID bow out (please don’t do it Charl!) she wouldn’t be the first big name to depart.

Vicky Pattison quit the show last year and has since embarked on numerous ventures including launching a range of nutritional supplement products and starring in her own show, Judge Geordie.

Meanwhile Charlotte’s co-star Holly Hagan has also hinted that she could be considering leaving Geordie Shore too, having said earlier this month: ‘I do think about it from time to time, just because of how it can affect my personal life and my relationships…

‘I’m a different person now to who I was when I started.’

The thought of no Charlotte OR Holly on the show is a bit too much for us to bear – don’t go, guys!

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