Charlotte Crosby went on a late night rant at ‘fake f***ers’, slamming people she claims are using her to build their social status.

The 28-year-old didn’t hold back as she unleashed her anger in a series of posts on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday night.


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Charlotte first took aim at photographers she claimed were waiting outside her hotel room to snap a picture of her in the morning.

‘A little note to the sad c**** sitting waiting for me to come out my hotel in the morning to take photos of me walking to work,’ she wrote.

Charlotte Crosby

Adding: ‘Your a sad b*****d.’

But her next line of attack was far more severe as she blasted people she deemed to be ‘fake’ towards her.

Charlotte Crosby

She ranted: ‘Another thing….. I’ve got such a big f***ing problem with fake f***ers in this industry.

‘Make me laugh SO SO SOOO much…..

‘I’m so glad I’ve got a very small circle of REAL friends, And not just making false friendships for social status. That must be painful man SO PAINFUL.’

Charlotte Crosby

She then proceeded to say that she will one day make a list of the people in her life under the subject headings, ‘The genuine ones’ and ‘C***S’.

Using an arrow to point to the word ‘C***S’, Charlotte said: ‘But I think we would run out of room on this list!!!!!’

Charlotte Crosby

She then added a second arrow to say: ‘But my god I know the first 2 names that would be getting SLAMMED ON this one.’

Perhaps luckily for those on Charlotte’s hit list, she didn’t name those who have offended her so badly.

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte’s rant comes after she admitted she struggled to film her reality series, The Charlotte Show, with boyfriend Joshua Ritchie as they were going through a rough patch in their relationship during filming.

‘We were going through a really bad time in our relationship,’ she explained during an interview with Australia’s KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

‘This is the first serious relationship I’ve ever had on camera, like where he’s actually my boyfriend, we were planning our lives together.’

She added: ‘It’s really serious. I found it really hard that the cameras were there when we were going through a really bad stage.’