Now this is a couple that hasn't been too happy for awhile...

They probably had the most dramatic split in all of reality TV, but Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby have supposedly reunited at the MTV European Music Awards on Sunday night!

The pair have been massively avoiding each other since they split earlier this year – with both of them allegedly kicking off when they were accidentally booked into the same hotel just last month.

But last night, when they cameras were away, the couple even hugged, according to reports.

A source told The Sun Online: ‘It all looked a bit frosty when they met but it was inevitable they’d see each other.

‘Charlotte and Gaz walked the carpet alone but when they were inside they ran into each other.

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‘They gave each other a hug and stood talking for a couple of minutes before they went off in different directions.’

So this might not be the fireworks reunion we’ve all been waiting for but this is definitely a marked improvement in relations.

Both have said they don’t want to be associated with each other, with Charlotte Crosby stating that Gaz Beadle was ‘worse than a murderer,’ after they split following her ectopic pregnancy drama.

But we could have probably seen a softening of the verbal battle, as the Newcastle hunk recently told MTV that it was ‘weird not having Charlotte here’ for Geordie Shore.

What a bloody lovely night ❤️

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‘I’ve done this for five years with Charlotte, and I’ve never lived in a house without her.

‘I know what she’d be wearing by the pool, I know how she’d be acting when she’s drunk – it’s weird not having her here.’

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Awww, reality TV tragedy right here! Now they both have their own partners. Gaz is currently seeing TOWIE star Mario Falcone‘s ex, Emma McVey, while Charlotte is hooking up with actor Ash Harrison.

Let’s hope this is a sign they can rebuild their friendship.