Charlotte Crosby and the Adventure of the Burnt Leg

This is a story… a story about one woman’s struggle against a burn on her leg. Of all the people who could be affected by this tale, it could really only happen to one woman. One Geordie woman: Charlotte Crosby.

The Geordie Shore star took palaver to the maximum at the weekend after sharing to everyone on snapchat the nasty burn on her leg. At this time it’s unclear whether it was curler or a straightener, a hot tray or if she tested out the prototype FOUR minute Bum Blitz.

Charlotte Crosby snapchat-1


Unlike most people who would go to the doctors or ring their mum who would then tell them to go to the doctors, Charlotte Crosby asked Twitter.

Posting a picture, it looked so much worse. It’s kind of grim. Take a look…

She said: ‘Can any1 help, I’ve been told to let it air out and dry… BUT then people are telling me to keep it moist!’

After several tweets suggesting everything from vinegar to sudocrem to nappy cream, Charlotte Crosby settled for Dr. PAW PAW, which WASN’T what we meant when we said go to the doctors:

‘I kept it moist last night with PAW PAW…. And it’s raw now and hurting like mad.’

(Dr. PAW PAW is a multi-puprose balm ‘made from natural ingredients’, by the way).

She then wrote: ‘Since I landed in Australia, I have been nothing but poorly and in the wars. SICK’

Finally, our favourite Geordie made it to A&E where she spent a whole two and a half hours. She documented it on Snapchat for us but luckily, we can confirm that the better half of Chaz has survived the ordeal.

Charlotte Crosby omg GIF

She posted on Twitter her feelings towards the adventure: ‘The last few days have been pretty shit…. So tonight I’m gunna get sh*t faced’.

Charlotte Crosby Twitter

You go Charlotte, you deserve it. And to everyone having their hump day treat and joining young Crosby make sure you raise a glass, because the real moral of the story is that even when you get burned by life, there is only one solution… getting smashed.

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