Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby went under the knife last week and had a nose job

Losing 3st in 2014 wasn’t enough of a change for Charlotte Crosby. Now can reveal that the Geordie Shore star went under the knife last Thursday afternoon in an attempt to perfect her 
nose, which she’s described 
as ‘a hook’. Charlotte had the surgery at a private hospital in Birmingham and checked in 
on Thursday afternoon.

She’s always been outspoken about how much she hates her nose. ‘I’ll definitely have a nose 
job because I’ve got a hook 
there,’ she revealed exclusively 
to Now. ‘Your nose is part of 
your face and I don’t like it, so 
I’m going to change it.’

Despite being excited to get the nose of her dreams, a source close to Charlotte tells Now: ‘She was very nervous about the operation 
but really excited to 
see her new nose.’ 
The insider even revealed that Charlotte had used the popular Photoshopping app Facetune to create her 
perfect nose, which she took to the surgeon.

After checking out the following day at 1pm, Charlotte will be taking a week off work 
to recover from surgery at 
home with family and friends before having her bandages removed after 10 days when 
she can reveal the results.

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby kisses dog with her old nose

Last October , Charlotte confirmed her surgery plans to Now, revealing: ‘I’ve 
had a consultation to have it straightened.’ And Charlotte, who’s previously admitted having lip fillers every five months and her eyebrows tattooed 
on, even revealed that having 
a nose job was just the tip of 
the iceberg when it comes 
to her going under the knife. 
‘I’m dead excited. I want to be like Joan Rivers,’ she revealed, admitting she also plans ‘a boob job, more Botox and more lip fillers. I’ll be 57 and still how I am now, but with loads of plastic surgery. I won’t change.’

Worryingly, Charlotte even hinted that her obsession with her looks could have been caused by her rise as one of the UK’s most popular reality stars and ever-increasing success in the spotlight. Charlotte admitted: ‘I’ve never wanted a boob job or liposuction. I’ve been thinking about it [a nose job] for ages.’

She added: ‘It has a bump that you can really see from the side. 
I probably wouldn’t be bothered if I wasn’t on TV but because 
I am, I’ve grown to hate it more over the years.’

Recently, concerned 
fans have been so shocked 
by Charlotte’s dramatically changing features they’ve 
begged the surgery-obsessed 
star to: ‘Stop now!’ As Charlotte posted her latest selfie, just 
hours before going under the knife, 
fans commented: 
‘You look like a fish!’ while others said: 
‘Stop putting shit 
into your lips!’

And as she Tweeted from her hospital bed about 
her latest procedure, outraged fans bombarded her yet again, telling her: ‘There’s nothing wrong with your snout’, ‘Your nose is perfect’, and: ‘ There’s nose need for it, man!’