Charlotte Crosby has opened up about the difficulty she faced filming her own reality series, The Charlotte Show, with boyfriend Joshua Ritchie.

The former Geordie Shore star revealed it was a struggle to have her life with Josh on camera while they were going through a rough patch in their relationship.


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‘We were going through a really bad time in our relationship,’ the 28-year-old explained during an interview with Australia’s KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

‘This is the first serious relationship I’ve ever had on camera, like where he’s actually my boyfriend, we were planning our lives together.’

Charlotte even admitted she behaved like a ‘psychopath’ and became extremely ‘paranoid’ about her relationship playing out in front of the cameras.

She added: ‘It’s really serious. I found it really hard that the cameras were there when we were going through a really bad stage.

‘It was like, I just went through this stage where I was getting really paranoid.

‘Because I’m so serious about Josh I just went overboard… Of course I was a psychopath for no reason. Nothing was even happening. You know when it’s just in your head?’

A recent promo video for The Charlotte Show saw her arguing with her beau, which she admits was all down to Josh not wanting to go on holiday with her.

‘Initial argument started I was going to Iceland to save whales and he didn’t want to come as he wanted to go and see 50 Cent,’ she added.

Earlier this year, Charlotte revealed that she is ready to start a family with her boyfriend of 15-months.

’I’m 29 this year, I’ll be 30 next year and I’m ready to start a family,’ she said on Good Morning Britain.

Revealing that 24-year-old Josh will be partaking in her plunge into parenthood, she explained: ‘Josh talks a lot about it and it seems like he’s on board.’