No Baby Crozza yet, folks

The amount of ill-willed rumours that emerge about celebrities every day, you can’t blame them for not being willing to engage with them most of the time.

But sometimes, there are those whisperings that are so ludicrous that a famous person can’t help but deny the situation themselves. Last week, Megan McKenna was moved to prove that one of her feet doesn’t have an extra toe – and this week in celebrity body denials, the first one is Charlotte Crosby, who has responded to rumours that she’s pregnant!

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Former Geordie Shore star Charlotte attended the Brit Awards last week, taking to the red carpet in a sheer, leopard-print dress. It was divisive, to say the least, with some praising her bold choice while others were left baffled.

Charlotte Crosby (Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock)

However, the more confusing moment came when an unfortunate angle on the dress’ pattern causing some fans to believe that she was debuting a baby bump!

Awkward – especially while she’s been busy building her reputation as a fitness queen…So to nip the rumours in the bud for once and for all, the 26-year-old went on a mini rant on social media.

‘Just want to clear one thing up: I am NOT pregnant!’ she declared on Snapchat on Monday morning (27th February).

‘It’s staring to get really boring. Don’t know about you but –’ she trails off, to give us a view of her completely flat tummy – no better proof than that!

Charlotte’s flat tummy (Snapchat/Charlotte Crosby)

She continued: ‘No, no bump!

‘It’s actually just ridiculous that people would even say that!’

Elsewhere, it seems as if she’s got plenty of other things to be happy about – she’s just started a week working at Capital North East, and her relationship with Stephen Bear seems to be blossoming – she’s even rocking a chain with an ‘S’ on it!

So we’re sure she’ll have no problems ignoring any further trolling on the subject…