Wow! Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby has lost 2st 7lbs and gone from a size 14 – 8 in just three months on the 'three tin diet'

Was Charlotte Crosby‘s Geordie Shore pal Vicky Pattison the inspiration behind her incredible body transformation?

The reality TV star watched as Vicky became THE weight loss story of last year when she lost an incredible three stone and dropped six dress sizes from a size 16 to six.

Now, Charlotte, 24, has revealed her new svelte figure after losing 2st 7lbs in just three months after swapping junk food for a bizarre new diet and working out with celebrity personal trainer, Richard Callender.

So far Charlotte has kept schtum on her weight loss, insisting she’s not trying to have a body transformation like Vicky, 26 – but it’s Vicky who let slip all of Charlotte‘s weight loss secrets. Oops!

‘She has this thing called the “three tin diet”,’ said Vicky. ‘She basically thinks you should eat three tins a day and that’s it. So you could have a tin of beans for your breakfast, tin of tuna for your dinner and a tin of pears for your tea.’

Er, it doesn’t sound like the healthiest way to lose weight… Luckily Vicky, who has maintained her incredible new body, says she gave Charlotte some proper weight loss and nutrition tips.

Charlotte recently showed off her new slimline figure when she tweeted a pic of her and trainer Richard and another in a playsuit from her new fashion range, Nostalgia, in conjunction with In The Style.

She said, ‘I’d like to say it’s the best range that’s actually out there. It actually beats everyone else’s hands down.’

‘You can have so much more fun in my clothes. You think you can wear something in Kim Kardashian‘s range and go out for a meal and eat a load of carbs and feel bloated afterwards? No!’

‘Wear one of my dresses, go out for a meal and think, ‘God, I don’t even need to change. I still look great because you can’t see my bloat.’

We’re not sure what ‘bloat’ Charlotte‘s talking about, as she’s now a teeny size 8 and looks amazing. Well done Charlotte keep it up!

Amy Brookbanks

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