Looks like someone's had a change of heart...

Charlotte Crosby was infamously vocal about her experience on Loose Women last year, having gone so far as to call it the ‘worst day’ of her life due to the ‘grilling’ from the panel. In fact she even vowed to NEVER go on the show again.

So fans were left more than a little confused this week when the Geordie Shore star popped up on the programme with boyfriend Stephen Bear to help out with the competition segment.


Charlotte Crosby just gave Stephen Bear THIS £27k present!

Charlotte, 27, seemed very excitable as she entered the studio with Bear on Thursday’s show to perform a tombola draw and give some cash prizes out to the audience.

This quickly got viewers wondering why she was back after being so critical during her last appearance…

‘Confused. thought @Charlottegshore would never appear on @loosewomen again???’ one Twitter user wrote, whilst another said: ‘Hang on a minute, I thought Charlotte Crosby hated the #loosewomen – the fee must have been good. £££££££££££££££££.’

Charlotte must have expected this though as she brought up the awkwardness of it all when she chatted to the panel in a joint interview with Bear later on and revealed that she wants to move on from her previous visit, during which she faced questioning from Janet Street-Porter on her decision to have surgery.

‘I had a bad time the first time I came and it’s probably a good job that Janet isn’t here today,’ the reality star admitted.

‘But I’ve had such a good day. I totally want to bury the hatchet.’

So that’s that. Unfortunately the backlash didn’t end there for Charlotte as the reaction to her chat with Bear wasn’t exactly brilliant.

The lively pair discussed their relationship, played Mr and Mrs and hinted at getting engaged during their time with the panellists but many viewers found it all a bit too much.

‘F***ing embarrassing/cringeworthy.. scraping the barrel.. are these 2 for real?’ one Twitter user posted.

Another agreed: ‘Painful. Cringe’

Meanwhile one fumed: ‘lost another viewer! What were you thinking loose women having him on there!’

Oh dear. This marks what’s been a tricky week for Loose Women, with the show having had a bit of a ‘mare on Wednesday thanks to technical issues and some awkward moments.