Singer says she's curvy and fed up with being called fat

Charlotte Church has blasted her critics for talking ‘horse s***’ about her weight – because it upsets her nan.

The Welsh singer, 20, whose new chat-show starts today on Channel 4, says: ‘They spend half their time saying it’s great we have all these curvy role models like Martine McCutcheon, Charlotte Church and Jennifer Ellison and the other half saying I’m so fat.’

Charlotte, currently a size 14, objects to being compared to the former Brookside star.

She fumes: ‘Jennifer Ellison is like a size f***ing six – she’s not curvy. Curvy’s when you’ve got weight all over instead of just having heavy tits. Jennifer Lopez isn’t curvy, she’s just got a big arse.’

The Voice Of An Angel singer, who is dating Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson, 24, blamed her boyfriend for fattening her up by feeding her jam-filled biscuits.