Prince Harry's girlfriend moves into crumbling student digs

Chelsy Davy has swapped her jet-set lifestyle for a scruffy student house costing £55 a week.

The super-rich girlfriend of Prince Harry is slumming it in a run-down, red brick terrace while she takes a two-year law degree at Leeds University.

Zimbabwean Chelsy, 21, is said to be sharing the digs with three mates in the Hyde Park area of the city.

In true student style the house features crumbling paintwork and currently has an overflowing skip parked outside its front door, reports the Sun.

Better still, a nearby house was raided in 2005 after police suspected it was a bomb factory.

And Britain’s most burgled street is also no more than a drunken stagger away.

Still, it’s unlikely that Chelsy’s arrival will add to the crime statistics: her multi-millionaire dad has hired a team of bodyguards to keep a close eye on her.

Plus, her boyfriend is in the army…

Phil Boucher