Prince Harry's girlfriend keen to take part in morale-boosting trip


Chelsy Davy is considering travelling to Afghanistan to visit British troops.

She is said to have been inspired by boyfriend Prince Harry‘s tour of duty in the war-torn country.

‘She would love to go out with Prince Harry as part of an official visit,’ a source reveals.

‘Harry feels he has some unfinished business in the area and would love to visit troops still working out there. Chelsy would also relish the opportunity.

‘If she did it would really mean she had been accepted into the Royal “Firm”,’ the insider tells the Daily Star Sunday

Harry, 22, had to leave service in Afghanistan after when his whereabouts were leaked on a US website.

He had been secretly serving in the country for 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, law student Chelsy, 22, is organising a series of club nights to raise money for the armed forces.

Alison Adey