Singer thinks she was too young

Cher Lloyd has mixed feelings about her time on The X Factor.

The singer came fourth on the show in 2010-guided by mentor Cheryl Cole – when she was just 16 and now admits she might have been too young to handle it.

I have fond memories of The X Factor but the experience was way too quick,’ says Cher, 20.

I could’ve done with maybe leaving it a couple of years before I went on because I was so confused with myself.

I didn’t know who I wanted to be or what I was doing it for. Things would be extremely different if I was going on the show now.

But then again I’ve learned so much that I feel that I can really take control of my career and am better for it.’

Cher thinks her attitude has definitely improved since she was a teenager.

A 16-year-old girl isn’t going to be experienced enough to cope with some of those things I went through,’ the Swagger Jagger star tells the Daily Star.

I’ve no excuses, but everybody goes through that stage where their behaviour isn’t the best.

I’m a different person now and much more confident in myself and my songs. I can speak up and say what I want now.’

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