The X Factor singer says Craig is not her hairdresser!


Cher Lloyd is sure Essex boyfriend Craig Monk, 21, is the one.

Craig, believed to be a trainee at posh London hair salon FOUR, was reported to have impressed The X Factor star when he put in her hair extensions.

‘It is serious. I’m in love. I’ve never spoken about Craig before but I think he’s the bee’s knees,’ the Swagger Jagger singer, 18, tells The Sun.

Craig‘s a lovely guy – but he doesn’t do my hair! I’m not embarrassed, we’ve been together ages.

‘He doesn’t work in the music industry, he is your day-to-day person. He used to work on a building site.’

Cher split with her last boyfriend, Karim Roundi, when she was in the US.

‘I’m so happy I have my loyal fans,family,an amazing boy,plus a great team! LOVE you people!’ she Tweeted recently.

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