Cher Lloyd's folks talk about her US dreams and rumours about her sexuality


Turning up at Dianh and Darren Lloyd‘s house in Malvern, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were walking into an average Worcestershire semi.

But then the postman arrives with a sack of fan mail from as far away as Brazil, Canada and Holland.

Dianh, 36, and Darren, 38, are parents to one of the biggest new names on the UK music scene – Cher Lloyd, who’s currently wowing fans on the X Factor tour.

The young rapper’s been linked with most of the lads on the show, but who would the Lloyds like to see their daughter with?

‘Someone who’ll treat her well,’ says Darren. ‘I’ll be happy as long as she doesn’t marry a footballer. Footballers are dirty rats!’ 

Cher, 17, accepts Dianh and Darren’s wisdom when it comes to men. They didn’t approve of her first boyfriend and he got the boot.

‘I’m old-fashioned, so when she was 16 she asked me if she could see this guy,’ her dad explains.

‘I had to meet him and give my opinion. That was about the end of it.

‘I told him what I thought of him to his face. I won’t repeat what I said to him, but she didn’t see him again.

‘She wasn’t upset. She respects my opinion and always asks before she does anything.

‘Then she met another guy and they were OK for six or seven months but, in my eyes, no one’s good enough for any of my girls.’

Read the full interview with Cher Lloyd‘s parents in Now magazine dated 11 April 2011 – out now!

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