Cheryl Baker doesn't hold back

Eurovision master Cheryl Baker, singer in super-80s pop-band Bucks Fizz, has given her verdict on new boys and UK hopefuls Joe and Jake… and she’s not feeling very optimistic.

In fact, the 62-year-old singer-turned-TV presenter doesn’t think they’ll win – but she hopes she’s wrong.

Talking exclusively to Now, Cheryl said: ‘I think Joe and Jake are great. I think it’s a great song and they’re great guys, I don’t honestly think it’ll win. I’d love to be proved wrong.’

Ouch! Cheryl Baker is an expert on all this, considering her band Bucks Fizz won Eurovision in 1981 with their classic ‘Making Your Mind Up’.

Well we have m-m-m-made our mind up (sorry) and have decided that Joe and Jake’s ‘You’re Not Alone’ WILL win! With the changes to the show’s voting rules separating judge and public opinion, we might not be able to use the ‘it’s all political excuse’ again.


Despite not putting her full faith in the new Eurovision duo, the competition veteran still believes in the whole thing.

When asked if Eurovision is over, she replied: ‘No, Eurovision is not having it’s day! Don’t be daft! It’s nothing to be ashamed of to be involved in Eurovision.’

Hey, Cheryl, you’re preaching to the choir here. Eurovision should have the same appeal as the Oscars!

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On the note of Eurovision being an absolute classic, she also gave her verdict on Terry Wogan‘s legacy, and whether Graham Norton could hope to live up to legend.

‘[Terry] was Eurovision. He took it seriously, but with that Irish charm and that wit. He was a genuine man. I think Graham’s great, I don’t think he’ll ever be as good as Terry.’

Yikes, she’s not messing around.

As Bucks Fizz made their mind up, it’s time for you to do the same. Who knows – they might just prove Cheryl Baker wrong.