Cheryl shares Bear with ex-boyfriend Liam Payne

Cheryl has recalled the ‘irrational’ fear she had following her son, Bear’s birth two year ago – that he would be swapped for another child in the hospital!


The singer, who shares her little boy with ex Liam Payne, admitted she wouldn’t let doctors take him out of her sight after hearing nightmare stories about baby swapping.

During a chat on Ru Paul and Michelle Visage’s podcast What’s The Tea, Cheryl said: ‘When I had him, first of all I wouldn’t let the doctors take him out of the room. I read this story about two girls being swapped at birth and it was playing on my mind.

‘I was so irrational…I didn’t want anyone to take him.’

Cheryl never officially confirmed her pregnancy and has shared very little about Bear, whose face she has kept off of social media.


In June though, she delighted fans by sharing some adorable details of their home life together, revealing the two-year-old has yet to grasp what his famous mum does for a living.

“He’s so cute. I don’t think he really gets [what I do for a job] yet, but he knows that mammy goes off to work and he gets confused when he sees me on the telly,” she told Mirror Online.


“He doesn’t understand how I can be in two places at once and he comes over to me and hugs me and says, “Aww”, like he’s saying “Well done”. It’s so cute.’

But Cheryl added that it could be ‘heartbreaking’ leaving him at home when she goes off to work.

She continued: ‘When I was on The Greatest Dancer, he’d hear my voice and go running to the door thinking I was coming in.


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‘It’s so heartbreaking, and I hate leaving him because he gets so upset. He was crying his eyes out when I left this morning.’

She went on: ‘My life has totally changed since Bear, I don’t look at things in the same way any more. It’s so hard to go out and leave him, but I try to always be there for him waking up and for bath time and bed.’

Cheryl and Liam went public with their romance in May 2016 and welcomed their son in March 2017.

However after two and a half years together the pair announced their split, but vowed to remain close while they raise their son in a ‘loving family’.