Has a shocked-looking Cheryl just seen some of the unusual requests she’s received from fans after imitating an emoji?


Lucky old Cheryl probably has one of the most envied faces in the celeb sphere, with both men and women totally crushing on her. Hell even Simon Cowell once ‘fessed up to thinking of her as ‘one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life’.


Cheryl’s no make-up message

Amazingly, though, the gorgeous Chezza is able to transform her delicate features into some pretty bonkers expressions.

You know the screaming face emoji? The horrified-looking one with its hands on its face in a Home Alone style? Cheryl has turned herself into THAT and bizarrely the likeness is quite uncanny!

The 32-year-old star posted the amusing picture on Instagram yesterday and wrote: ‘It’s Monday already!!! Where’d the weekend go!’

Ms Fernandez-Versini poses exactly like the funny face in the picture, though admittedly she’s a bit of a more glamorous version of it.

The emoji doesn’t rock a huge sparkling wedding ring, for example, or have a cute little tattoo on its hand (though we’d really love to see that happen).

Cheryl also sports long eyelashes and nicely manicured nails but still, kudos to her for contorting her elegant face into such a good likeness of the scream!

The singer’s fans seemed to enjoy her emoji impression, with one commenting: ‘Actually loling!!! Xx’

Cheryl’s followers also sent her some interesting requests after her funny post. One admirer suggested: ‘I dare u to do an expression for all the emojis! @cherylofficial’

Yes! We like the sound of that. Others wanted to see Chezza’s face in a, um, more unusual format, with one follower admitting that they’d like an inflatable doll with the X Factor’s judge impression on it. Er, we’re not so sure about that one…

Which emoji would you like to see Cheryl become next? The winky face? The cheesy grin? Let us know!

See the changing face of Cheryl in pictures…

Anna Francis