We all knew she was a big ol' softie but Kimberley Walsh opens up about what really happened when she told BFF Cheryl her engagement news

Singer Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was among the first to hold Kimberley Walsh’s baby boy Bobby an hour after he was born and cried when she heard Kim and Justin Scott were engaged.

The couple only revealed their engagement in November but Justin had in fact proposed two months before, at Kimberley’s bedside after she had just given birth.

‘Cheryl came to the hospital about an hour after Bobby was born and was getting her first cuddles with him,’ Kimberley says. ‘Then I said: “Oh there’s something else…” and showed her my ring. She started crying and said: “Oh my God what are you trying to do to me?”’

Cheryl and Nicola are preparing to be two of eight bridesmaids at the pair’s upcoming wedding early next year which they have revealed will take place in a secret tropical destination.

In the interview with Hello magazine out today Justin also admits that Cheryl strongly encouraged him to propose saying: ‘Over the years Cheryl had offered me a helping hand to push things along at times. Nothing heavy, just reassuring me that if I did ask Kimberley I’d get a positive response.’ We love that Chez had Kim’s back!

Kim also confessed that she’s trying to get the girls to sing at the wedding saying she’s told them: ‘If either of you do feel like doing a turn, just let me know. I don’t want anyone to feel under pressure but it would be fun. I am seeing if I can rope them in.’

And on whether or not Chez and new hubby Jean Bernard are ready to start a family Kim says: ‘I’m not sure, hopefully I haven’t put her off. When someone close to you has had one and you can practice without actually taking on the full role, it can be quite tempting to have a few more years of that.’

Adding: ‘Cheryl came over two weeks ago and she went straight to Bobby and picked him up and went ‘Jesus’ because he’d grown so much since she last saw him. He’s a solid little thing.’

And she also reckons that there will be more tears come her wedding day. ‘We’ve been through such a lot together over such a long period of time, it will be an emotional day for all of us, I think.’

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