X Factor judge Cheryl fears that comments surrounding her weight could affect younger people


Cheryl has been hitting the headlines a lot in recent weeks but unfortunately it’s often been for what she looks like rather than the work she’s doing.

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There’s been much talk over the 32-year-old star’s slim figure, with many fans voicing concern that she might be a bit too thin, and this hasn’t gone down too well with Cheryl.

In fact the X Factor judge has called for drastic measures to be taken and wants it to be made ILLEGAL for people to publicly attack others for the way they look.

‘The body shaming has to stop. It’s bulls***,’ says Cheryl.

‘Something has to be done, changed, even if it’s done in law.’

Cheryl has faced some pretty harsh comments about her petite frame over the summer and she’s concerned about the potentially harmful effect it could have on her younger fans.

‘I can take whatever they [the press] throw at me after 13 years,’ the singer explains.

‘What worries me is what it’s doing to the younger generation. And some of the people writing this stuff are women. There is no sisterhood.’

Cheryl previously hit out at body shamers on Instagram in July after one user labelled her a ‘bag of bones’.

The former Girls Aloud star responded: ‘I am so sick and tired of it being ok to call somebody to thin or a “ bag of bones”!’

‘I would never dream of calling somebody too fat and that they should maybe cut down on their food intake ? What is the difference ?’

She also revealed that she’d been grieving the loss of husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini’s father and that this may have had an effect on her appearance.

Cheryl insists that she’s doing well at the moment and thinks her varying body shape is down to her past as a dancer.

‘I am very happy and very healthy,’ she tells ES Magazine. ‘Every woman has a different body type and handles stress and grief differently.

‘I was a ballerina from a child, so I have really good muscle memory. When I work out, I can look like a tennis player. If I don’t, I look different.’

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Anna Francis