The star has learnt to embrace her looks


Cheryl Cole was very critical of her appearance when she was growing up.

I was quite a quiet kid. A bit shy,’ says Cheryl.

In fact I was very unconfident when I was younger. In my looks, in everything.

Cheryl watched music videos to inspire her with make-up ideas but wasn’t very accomplished.

‘I’d have eyeliner smeared all over the place,’ she recalls. ‘It was disastrous.’ 

‘But…I always loved big bouffanty hair, even then.’

Now Cheryl approves of the 26-year-old glamorous young woman she sees in the mirror. 

I’m always looking at myself in pictures… Big hair and plump lips (is what is see),’ she tells Stylist.

I just don’t think negatively now. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.’

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Nadine Badresingh