Singer says she just wants to hug 'mentally ill' star

Cheryl Cole reveals that as a child she had a dream that she would one day be like Britney Spears.

‘She’s someone I idolised growing up and I wanted to be like her,’ Cheryl admits. ‘She was amazing and had the whole package.’

But the Girls Aloud star, 24, has since witnessed the star’s very public and distressing breakdown.

‘It’s devastating to see Britney like this,’ she tells the Sun. ‘It’s so sad, she needs help. She’s mentally ill.

‘It’s such a shame. I just want to hug her. I’ve said that she can come to my house and I’ll look after her – but she’s rejecting people.

‘Denial, that’s what that is. It looks like she’s got post-natal depression that’s got out of control.’

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Katie Evans