The footie star can't cook and has only just learnt how to iron

Cheryl Cole reckons hubby Ashley is ‘pathetic’ around the house.

The footie star even phoned his wife to ask how to cook Super Noodles.

‘I couldn’t believe it – especially as it says “boil for two minutes” on the front of the packet,’ says Cheryl, 24.

She blames Ashley’s mum Linda for being too indulgent.

‘She never made him do anything and they are so well looked after at football, too, that he’s spoiled,’ says the Girls Aloud star.

‘They don’t even want them picking up a heavy suitcase in case they get injured, it’s ridiculous.’

Feisty Cheryl is determined to whip her other half into shape.

‘I’ve tried to help Ashley be a bit better,’ she says. ‘He’s now learned to iron – which is quite impressive for him.’

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