Dancer said to have urged Girls Aloud star to take blood test

Cheryl Cole has reportedly told pals that Derek Hough saved her life – by urging her to get a blood test to see if she had malaria.

The Girls Aloud star contracted the disease while on holiday in Tanzania with the dancer, 25, in June.

But Cheryl, 27, is said to have initially thought she was suffering from flu. 

She only found out she had malaria when Derek persuaded her to go to hospital for further tests.  

Derek is her rock and Cheryl has no idea how she would have survived, emotionally or physically, if it were not for him,’ a source tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘The battle with malaria has proved to Cheryl what a wonderful guy Derek is. She’s also so grateful to the doctors who saved her life.”

Cheryl is now on holiday with Derek in LA, where she is also rumoured to be house-hunting.

Yesterday, the pair went to a local cinema to watch Angelina Jolie‘s new film Salt

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