Girls Aloud star wants closure

Cheryl Cole has reportedly ordered her husband Ashley to apologise to her in public.

The Girls Aloud star wants the soccer ace to issue a statement to the media admitting – if it is true – that he had a romp with single mum Aimee Walton, 22, last year.

‘She feels like a fool. She feels betrayed and hurt. Now she needs him to take the blame for what he has done,’ an insider reveals.

‘Maybe then they can draw a line under everything that has happened and move on.’

But it seems Ashley, 27, isn’t too keen and a series of crisis phone calls have done nothing to change his mind.

‘He doesn’t want to do it. He still insists it wasn’t his fault,’ the source tells the Sunday People.

‘He claims he can’t remember because he was too drunk.’

Cheryl, 24, has been abroad most of the time since Aimee – and 2 other blondes – hit the headlines with their claims.

She’s now back in the country, but she’s still not wearing her wedding ring.

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