Rep sets the record straight

Cheryl Cole‘s rep has strongly denied claims she has had Botox.

The Girls Aloud star’s fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh reportedly implied she had the cosmetic procedure in a new interview. 

‘Of course I have [had Botox], and I’ll have it again,’ Louis said. ‘If the other three judges can do it, why can’t I?’ 

But now a spokesman for Cheryl, 26, has set the record straight. 

‘No, Cheryl has not had Botox,’ he tells Now Online

In February Cheryl also rubbished tabloid claims that she uses a moisturiser that imitates the effects of deadly snake venom.

The Daily Star claimed that Cheryl slaps on Glamoxy Snake Serum, which contains an ingredient called Syn-Ake that freezes muscles in the face – in a similar fashion to Botox

In fact, Cheryl keeps her skin looking flawless by taking good care of it.

‘One of my key things is that I have to get my make-up off,’ Cheryl tells Now. ‘Even if I’ve been on a shoot all day and I’m lying in bed, I have to take it off because I feel filthy if I leave it on.

‘I use a wipe first, then cleanser – I’ve been using the L’Oréal Pure Zone one for years and it’s the only thing I’ve found that works.

‘In the evening I use E45 Cream.’

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