Girls Aloud star Tweets concern for 'precious cargo' in car

Cheryl Cole Tweeted her anger on Thursday after spotting a woman texting whilst driving.

The culprit, who Cheryl spotted on the motorway, had a baby in the back of her car, causing the concerned singer to get even more upset.

OMG!!!!! I just passed a woman on the motor way texting on her phone with a BABY in the back !Tweeted Cheryl, 29.

I am so angry R U FOR F REAL!!!

.. I hate that 🙁 #preciouscargo !

Cheryl’s outburst came after a series of posts to her Twitter followers about her enjoyment of the Olympics.

After showing her support for London 2012 competitors Tom Daley and Jessica Ennis, the Girls Aloud star even commented on the TV coverage of the events.

Just watched the catch up on the mens gymnastics..Cheryl Tweeted on Sunday.

Why are some of these commentators speaking like its a nature program and the animals mustn’t hear ! Lololol Weird! #Olymipcs2012

Anna Francis