Cheryl was left terrified by spook in her home

When Geordie tough girl Cheryl Cole took part in Ghosthunting With Girls Aloud, she was sceptical about spectres.

But when she and her pals tiptoed through a 17th century mansion in Wales she changed her mind sharpish!

‘It was terrible,’ she recalls. ‘I yelled and burst into tears when something touched my arm.

‘I felt pure fear and screamed.’

But that’s not all!

Cheryl once got so spooked, she had to call Kimberley Walsh to rescue her.

Cheryl was living with Ashley Cole at the time at Princess Park Manor, an apartment complex that used to be a Victorian mental asylum.

One night, Chezza called Kimbo in a panic.

‘There’s a ghost on my stairs!’ she shrieked. ‘Please come round.’

Kim popped round to her neighbour to find Cheryl‘s dog Buster barking like mad.

‘He was staring at a white orb of light floating on the staircase,’ she recalls.

Without hesitation, Kimberley whisked Cheryl back to her pad for a quiet night’s sleep.

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