Cheryl refused to go back to Tweedy

Cheryl Cole had lots of reasons for keeping ex-husband Ashley‘s surname after they split.

The singer married footballer Ashley, 33, in 2006 but the couple split in 2010 following allegations that he’d cheated on her.

Yet despite the breakdown of their marriage, Cheryl never planned to go back to her maiden name Tweedy.

‘That feels like the old me. Old old me,’ says Cheryl, 31.

‘That would be like going backwards another stage, and why would I do that? And it doesn’t feel like his name.

‘[It feels] like I own it. And I’ve built a lot of my life around it…’

Chezza was also keen to avoid the paperwork that would have come with going back to her former moniker.

‘I mean, my passport! You have to send your passport off for weeks,’ the X Factor judge tells The Times Magazine.

‘I don’t have weeks to send my passport off. The sh*t I have to go through, for his mistakes?

‘Nah. Nah. Nah. I don’t have time for that.’

Cheryl has of course now become Mrs Fernandez-Versini following her surprise wedding to French love Jean-Bernard on 7 July.

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