The singer fancies a new venture


Cheryl Cole has revealed that she’d like to try her hand at acting.

The singer became interested in the profession after a cameo in 2012 film What To Expect When You’re Expecting showed her how fun it can be.

‘I loved that,’ says Cheryl, 31.

‘We were on set, everyone was like a family and, you know, I thought, “I could really do this.”

‘I’ve appeared in so many videos and that is a form of acting. So yes, I am definitely interested.’

Cheryl would consider taking acting lessons to build up her skills but is hoping for a character that doesn’t stretch her too much to begin with.

‘Ideally I would like to start with a role that is similar to me,’ the X Factor judge tells Hello!

‘I don’t want to jump in at the deep end and play someone completely different from who I am – not yet anyway,’

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Anna Francis