Girls Aloud singer worried about response to new release

Cheryl Cole is petrified the new Girls Aloud album will be a failure.

‘It’s the most nerve–wracking time,’ she says. ‘It’s really scary and hard getting back into things as we’ve been away for a while.

‘Nobody has got a guarantee – you can’t be complacent. The music industry is changing so much but we’re not going to adapt our sound.’

Despite being worried about her own success, the 24-year-old is excited about the return of fellow pop stars Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears.

‘I’m excited about hearing Britney’s single. I genuinely hope she comes back and does well,’ Cheryl tells the Daily Star.

‘I thought about kidnapping her and bringing her to my house. I thought she was mentally unwell – you’d have to be to shave your hair off.

‘I can’t wait to hear what Kylie’s done. She’s been through so much, bless her.’

Suzannah Ramsdale