The X Factor judge has stopped reading papers


Cheryl Cole admits it’s hard living her life in the spotlight.

The X Factor judge thinks the press have given her a rough time.

There’s some really mean stuff written about me and it sticks, it really does,’ says the Girls Aloud star.

‘You kind of don’t remember the nice stuff, you just remember the mean stuff, just like you remember the mean people from school.’

Cheryl, 26, has now decided to stop reading the papers. 

No woman wants to be criticised,’ she tells Hello!

‘I mean, you wouldn’t want to walk past your neighbours with them talking about you – your hair or clothes – and saying horrible things, let alone have people criticise you on TV or in a newspaper.

‘So when I made the decision to stop reading anything about me, I felt relief.

‘I don’t take on board anything any more, either bad or good. I just do what makes me happy.’

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