The singer didn't fit in


Cheryl Cole has revealed that her first dream was to be a ballerina rather than a singer.

The Newcastle lass took up dancing when she was just 3 and longed to pursue it but ended up abandoning her dream when she got a taste of ballet school.

‘I wanted to be a ballerina,’ says Cheryl, 31.

‘I did ballet from that young. And then I went to the Royal Ballet [summer school] when I was 9 or 10.

‘Hated it. Squashed the dream. It wasn’t me. I didn’t fit in.

‘I had to be sponsored to go there because me parents couldn’t afford to send us there, and everyone else was – obviously…

‘Basically I was a bit of an outcast.’

Cheryl thinks her social standing played a part in feeling different from other pupils.

‘It was the first time I’d ever felt… class,’ the singer tells The Times Magazine.

‘I didn’t know what it was. Everyone around was normal to me. There was this thing, and we were all on the same level…

‘I didn’t understand it. I just knew it was… different. And that they were… looking down their noses. If you like. But I couldn’t express it.

‘I was out of place. I think about 9-year-old me, and I think, “That must have been hard.”

‘Hard enough for me to go home to me parents and say, “This is not what I want to do anymore.”‘

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