The Geordie lass attempted to imitate her look

Style icon Cheryl Cole once dyed her hair blonde because she wanted to look like Beyonce Knowles.

In 1999 – when Cheryl was just 15 – Destiny’s Child were singing about female empowerment and looking hot.

Beyonce‘s just a star. She’s just got it. She’s everything a woman should be and everything you should want to be as a woman,’ says Cheryl, 26.

I was obsessed with her. I remember seeing the video for Bills, Bills, Bills and just going, “Oh my God, who is this girl? I want my hair like hers”.

I literally went and got my hair bleached peroxide blonde. It took eight hours and looked horrendous.’

Cheryl loved Beyonce‘s OTT outfits, too.

I always wanted that urban, baggy jeans look,’ Cheryl tells Stylist. ‘I’d cut things up and experiment, it always went dreadfully wrong.’

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