Cheryl Cole is taking some time off and looking forward to her 30th birthday

Cheryl Cole‘s not worried about turning 30 and facing uncertainty over her next move.

She’ll celebrate the milestone birthday in June and says she isn’t worried about getting older.

‘I’m turning 30 in June, I was like I’ve had an incredible decade in this industry, with the highs and the lows; 30 is a very empowering age for me. I feel the best I’ve ever felt,’ she says.

Cheryl‘s band Girls Aloud recently announced they were going their separate ways following their Ten – The Hits anniversary tour.

‘I cherish the last tour because it was special, it was the end of an era. Only the five of us know how it felt to be in that group,’ she tells Daybreak.

‘Let’s go out on a high and be remembered for the incredible pop music we made together.”

As for the future, Cheryl‘s ‘excited’ to have no plans.

‘It’s exciting to have no plans for once. I got a little way in with the third album then put it to one side to concentrate on the girls, so I don’t know. I had a third single planned, but now it feels like it was part of ‘then’, so I don’t know.

‘Music is my first love, so I’ll never leave that behind,’ she says.

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