The X Factor judge says nobody knows what she went through in private


Cheryl Cole appears to have handled her divorce from Ashley Cole, a life-threatening illness and public criticism with ease, but in reality it’s a different story.

She had a very tough time in 2010.

‘It’s all very much a perception,’ says the X Factor judge.

‘And that can be frustrating at times, especially when somebody you’ve never seen before approaches you in a restaurant toilet with an opinion on your marriage.

‘Nobody knows what I went through behind closed doors.

‘Nobody knows what it was like when I was on my own.’

Cheryl, 27, cried frequently when she was interviewed by Piers Morgan on his TV show, but otherwise kept her composure.

‘Of course I held myself together in public. Who wouldn’t?’ she tells Elle.

‘Do people want me to throw myself on the street and weep?

‘I am not a victim. I am not going to think of myself as one.

‘But it is very hard to pull yourself out of a dark place.

‘I’ve got a strong character and a tough background and maybe that has a lot to do with it.

‘I just had to get it together. There was no other option.’ 

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