Cheryl Cole has learnt not to let criticism get to her


Cheryl Cole now has a life little girls dream of, but she hasn’t always been so fortunate.

The Geordie pop star, talent show judge and model was picked on at school for the way she looked.

‘I was teased when I was young. A lot,’ the 27-year-old recalls.

‘Kids mocked me for having dark skin and other litle things like that.

‘It just shouldn’t happen, full stop.’

Cheryl survived an emotionally abusive relationship in her teens and the humiliation of a conviction for assault in 2003. But she’s bounced back.

‘People used to say bad things to me all the time,’ she tells Fabulous magazine.

‘There are a lot of negative things I’ve read about myself.

‘But there’s nothing I’ve held on to.’

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Rebecca Cohen