Singer grew up worrying about bills


Cheryl Cole isn’t driven by a desire to make money.

The singer wasn’t very well off when she was growing up in Newcastle and spent a lot of time fretting about her family’s income.

‘I’m definitely an older soul,’ says Cheryl, 31.

‘Worrying about where the next bill comes from, always worrying, that was just a normal way of living.

‘That’s how everybody lived, all around us. Just surviving.’

Cheryl’s humble upbringing didn’t make her want to earn big bucks as an adult though.

‘Money’s never been my motivation,’ the X Factor judge tells The Times Magazine.

‘It’s never bothered us. Because I never had it. For sure, it helps. But it wasn’t anything that motivated us.

‘If I took every opportunity for money: one, I’d be a different person; two, I’d have a different bank account.

‘Trust us, it would be even bigger. [I wasn’t driven by] fame. I just wanted to perform.’

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