The X Factor judge has a sweet tooth


Cheryl Cole can’t stop eating cupcakes.

The X Factor judge has fallen in love with the delicious treats from Primrose Hill bakery Lola’s.

‘Right now, my weakness is for Lola’s cupcakes,’ says Cheryl, 26.

‘My Girls Aloud bandmates sent me 12 of them when I got to No 1 [with Fight For This Love]…

‘It was really nice of them, but for a week I ate cupcakes.’

Cheryl admits she has a sweet tooth.

‘I can’t do without sugar,’ she tells Hello! ‘I think I might have some sort of sugar imbalance. 

‘Somtimes I feel like I just need a chocolate bar. To be honest, you can’t put yourself under that much pressure, so I don’t deny myself anything.’ 

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