She'll have to work hard to make friends in the US after alienating everyone from Posh to the Kardashians


Cheryl Cole should be doing all she can to ingratiate herself with the Stateside A-list ahead of her move there this year.

But Now can reveal that the Girls Aloud star has already started upsetting the exact people she should be befriending.

Since falling out with Nicole Scherzinger after her appearance on The X Factor in November when she snidely called her the pussycat mole’, Cheryl’s taken aim at Christina Aguilera, who sang a duet with her X Factor act Rebecca Ferguson in the final.

Cheryl barely spoke to Christina,’ reveals a source.

Everyone thought she’d use the meeting as a springboard for a hook-up when she moves out there.

‘But it looked like she couldn’t be bothered, which I think Christina found rude. To completely blank her away from the cameras was poor.’

It’s not just Christina who’s come under fire from our Chezza.

Cheryl’s been bad-mouthing a lot of US stars behind their backs,’ adds the source.

She’s taken aim at the Kardashian sisters, saying she doesn’t know why they’re famous and calling them “wannabes”.

‘They might be reality show stars, but those girls are very influential – you don’t want to piss them off!’

Read the full story about Cheryl Cole in Now magazine dated 10 January 2011 – out now!


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