Singer lets rip with four-letter rant

Cheryl Cole has been collaborating with Black Eyed Peas star, 32, on a new song about heart-breaking other halves.

The Girls Aloud star is still reeling from allegations that husband Ashley cheated on her and has been spending time in LA.

‘ asked her to do backing vocals,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘The track is called Heartbreaker — all about men treating their partners like dirt and cheating on them.

‘Will sings a line admitting he’s cheated and Cheryl sings back that he’s been an effing jerk. Recording the vocal was quite cathartic for her. When she sings the line, she really means it — no question.’

Cheryl, 24, is now back in the UK, but she’s still not wearing her wedding ring.

Ashley, 27, scored Chelsea’s 4th goal when they thrashed West Ham 4-0 last weekend.

Ashley Cole and

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