Cheryl doesn't want to be a bride again

Cheryl Cole isn’t planning on making Derek Hough husband No 2.

Cheryl has told Derek point blank that she won’t marry him,’ claims an insider.

‘She’s been permanently scarred by her marriage break-up with Ashley and can’t face going through another divorce.’

Girls Aloud star Cheryl, 27, will live in her own luxury Hollywood apartment when she moves to California, rather than move into Derek‘s LA condo.

And though she’s said to be getting broody, 25-year-old Derek wouldn’t consider having kids without a wedding.

Derek‘s very traditional and grew up in a Mormon household,’ a pal tells the Daily Star Sunday, ‘having children out of wedlock is absolutely not acceptable.’

Even so, the couple are closer than ever after their New Year holiday in South Africa.

They have been snapped wearing matching multi-coloured United Against Malaria charity bracelets on their right wrists.

Proceeds go towards the fight against malaria, the disease Cheryl contracted during a trip to Tanzania with Derek last summer.

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