Joan Callaghan doesn't approve of Derek Hough's latest purchase

Derek Hough is hunting for a new home after the £400,000 LA flat he bought to share with girlfriend Cheryl Cole was deemed not safe enough by her mum Joan Callaghan.  

Joan went crazy when she saw the pictures of the apartment block and the surrounding area,’ says a source.

‘She was saying, “Do they want to get my daughter killed?”

‘They have been on the lookout for a more secure property ever since it was revealed where they’d be living.’

Confusingly, Cheryl is believed to have spent £2.2m on a Beverly Hills apartment of her own – just down the road from the US X Factor studios.

But maybe the plan is to split their time between the two.

Cheryl, 27, only divorced footballer Ahsley Cole in September, but Derek is keen to settle down.

Derek knows Cheryl is desperate to be a mum and wants to do everything the traditional way,’ the source tells The Sun.

‘Her failed marriage is so painful for her still and whilst she is over Ashley, she still can’t get her head around the fact she is divorced at such a young age.

Derek wants to show her he can be the one to make it all right and is desperate to tie the knot.’

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