Talks with hotshot LA execs give the star direction


Cheryl Cole is set to conquer the US now that svengali Simon Cowell has introduced her to top US executives.

Thanks to Simon, the Girls Aloud singer recently dined with media power-players at London restaurant Zuma.

‘Simon’s put her in touch with some very influential people who can open all the right doors for her,’ reveals our source.

‘All the compliments flowing in her direction from the executives made it crystal clear that she’s regarded as a hot property in the US. She was told that the possibilities are endless, but for the time being she’s being advised to focus on TV work rather than a solo music career.

‘There are a number of talent shows in the pipeline, maybe American Idol or something similar, but it’s felt that her appeal’s broader than that. There’s been talk of her fronting major musical events and even the possibility of her own show on which she’d perform each week and have celebrity guests. She’ll make millions.

‘She fits the bill perfectly for the American market. She has a perfect smile and an amazing body, plus the Americans simply love the British – just look at the success of Victoria and David Beckham, Leona Lewis, Coldplay and Ricky Gervais. It’s an open market for her.’

Cheryl’s humble background is also said to be in her favour. ‘In America they like working-class people who’ve made a success of themselves through sheer talent and hard work – that’s Cheryl in a nutshell,’ adds the source.

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