Sexy Call My Name singer prefers to be clever


Cheryl Cole definitely doesn’t want to be thought of as dim.

Simon Cowell‘s biographer Tom Bower was in the US when Cheryl was fired from US X Factor and he reckons ‘her real problem is she’s not very intelligent’.

The glamorous Girls Aloud star would much rather be smart then beautiful – if she had to choose.

‘[I’d rather be] clever, because that can make you look beautiful,’ says Cheryl, 29.

‘To be pretty and thick is not attractive to me.’

Being herself and being adored by her pet dogs is what makes Cheryl really happy.

‘When you go home and they wag their tails – and they can’t breathe with excitement at seeing you – it is so rewarding,’ the singer tells Hello!

‘It doesn’t matter to them what you do, what you wear, if you’ve got make-up on or not; they love you just the same.’

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Cheryl Cole


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