Girls Aloud singer willing to give marriage another go

Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to take hubby Ashley back – despite claims he cheated on her.

The Girls Aloud singer, 24, is said to have made the decision after seeking advice from Victoria Beckham, 33, whose marriage has also survived rumours of an affair.

‘Cheryl has spent the weekend thinking last week’s revelations over and over,’ says a pal. ‘She’s been getting advice and support from her mum Joan and generally lying low so things die down.

‘She still really loves Ashley, despite all these cheating allegations, and wants to believe him when he tells her he loves her too. Cheryl’s not the kind of person to take marriage vows and then not follow them.

‘So she’s decided to put everything she has into saving her marriage because she made a lifetime commitment she doesn’t want to break.’

Cheryl is now expected to hold crisis talks with Ashley, 27, later this week.

But her spokesman denies that she’ll be having a secret showdown with him.

‘There’s no truth in that whatsoever,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘We are not commenting on any other aspect of this.’

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